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Christmas Payroll Deadlines

Christmas Payroll Deadlines:



Timesheet Submission and Payment Dates For The Christmas Period

  • TFS Healthcare will not be running a daily payroll on the Bank Holidays – please refer to the deadlines and dates in the boxes above.
  • Signed, authorised timesheets must be submitted to the Payroll Department by the ‘Timesheet submission deadline’ as detailed above. This will ensure cleared funds can be deposited in to your designated Limited Company bank account (personal account if you are a PAYE employee) on the ‘Cleared funds in designated account’ date in the corresponding box.
  • Funds will clear on the days stated in the ‘Cleared funds in designated account’ box.
  • Any timesheet that is not received by a deadline specified above cannot and will not be paid in that particular pay run.
  • TFS Healthcare has no control over your Limited or Umbrella Company’s Bank Holiday payroll arrangements, so please check with them as to when they will pay you!
  • Your consultant may be on out of the office on the Bank Holiday! You will be notified by them of any absence, however, please ensure your timesheets are sent to in case they are not able to reach their email.