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How to boost your immune system

Has anybody else caught this bug going around? Some of us at TFS definitely have!

The immune system provides the resistance to infections and toxins that you may come into contact with. Therefore, it’s important we keep it at its best. If you are one of the lucky ones who hasn’t got the bug then we’re here to help to ensure you don’t catch it.

Here are 4 ways to boost your immune system.

Clean up your diet

Unfortunately a balanced diet is not a piece of cake in each hand. What you eat has a big impact on your immune system. To ensure that you keep your immune system boosted you need to keep a balanced diet. Cut out any sugar and go for the greens, make fruit and veg your new bestfriend. Also ensure that you are keeping up with the zinc rich foods and lots of Vitamin C.

Manage stress

Different people cope with stress differently- as much as it seems like an easy task to tackle, some struggle most with stress. Long term stress can lead to anxiety and depression, all of which have an impact on your immune system. There are different ways on managing stress for different individuals- a key way is to know your triggers. Knowing what makes you stressed will allow you to manage your day to day lifestyle and you will learn how to cope and manage your stress.

Get adequate sleep

We know, it’s a cliche… however getting a good night sleep will impact your immune system and overall well-being. Adults should aim to get around 8 hour sleep per night. Lack of sleep only makes it easier for you to get ill and get infections.

Relax and unwind

It is so important to have ‘me time’. Ways to relax differs for everyone- some people enjoy going for walks and getting active, however others like to pick up a book and read. Think back to the last time when you had no worries. Ask yourself what made you feel relaxed, where were you? Did you have company? By asking and answering these questions- your body can relax as well as your mind.