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Feature Blog: Consultant of the Month

Congratulations to Peter for being awarded Consultant of the Month in his second month at TFS Healthcare – with no recruitment experience prior to joining us! The team leaders selected Peter for his persistence, consistency, hard work and determination to succeed as a Consultant. All the work he’s putting in, is most definitely paying off…

We caught up with our September Consultant of the Month and asked him a couple of questions:

What does your day to day at TFS look like?

My day is always pretty mixed; working through candidates on our database and job boards, hitting the phones, ensuring candidates are compliant, booking shifts and building relationships with my Clients.

How does our environment differ from others? 

I like the transparency of the office, everyone is approachable and the Directors mingle amongst us – this is a great benefit as we are able to learn from them.

What do you love about TFS?

The culture is brilliant, it keeps morale up especially if you’re having a particularly tough day. I also like how the company is rapidly growing – everyone is motivated to be a high achiever and it breeds that vibe across the floor.

If you could recommend one film, what would it be?

‘Brawl in cell block 99’ wasn’t too shabby, Vince Vaughn turns into a nutter. Available on Amazon rental.