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New RCN president calls on nurses to ‘campaign together’ in 2015

Last week, the Royal College of Nursing’s newly appointed president, Cecilia Anim set out her priorities for 2015 warning of a challenging year ahead and called on nurses to “campaign together” for better patient care.

Anim addressed all nursing staff in her New Year message, setting out her priorities for 2015. She told RCN members that she was very aware of the challenges they face as a profession and warned that “2015 will be another challenging year”.

“We all need to campaign together to protect and improve the quality of patient care” – Cecilia Anim

The main focus for the RCN this year is staffing shortages and efforts to improve pay for nursing staff.

“Nursing staff are working in increasingly tough times,” she said. “Morale is low, pressures are higher than any of us can remember with no sign of any let up, and nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants are not being rewarded as they should be.

“I am determined to campaign hard to make sure everyone gets the pay they deserve, to protect pay and conditions, and to defend nursing from more damaging cuts,” she added.

“We need a long term strategy for the health service, and proper investment to prevent the current crisis from becoming the norm,” said Ms Anim. “But I can’t do it on my own – we all need to campaign together to protect and improve the quality of patient care.”

“As the patients you care for recognise, you and all the RCN’s members are doing an amazing job in the most testing of circumstances,” she said. Ms Anim was elected RCN president in November, becoming the first black minority ethnic nurse in the college’s 99 year history to be elected to its highest office.

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