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Q&A with TFS Trainee Academy


After two months since the start of our February Trainee Academy,  our Social Media Executive Karys Samuel caught up with the latest TFS Trainees for a Q&A.  All three Trainees were asked the same six questions and their responses have been listed below.

1.What does your normal day to day routine consist of?

Hayley– My day mainly consists of calling through job boards & our database trying to get nurses out to work. I will also spend the day chasing my current nurses for documents, so I can get them out working as soon as possible.

Matthew- My day includes, qualifying candidates, calling nurses regarding work we have within the area, booking shifts for compliant nurses along with training and generally keeping up to date with our pipeline by getting documents back within deadlines.

Jenel– On a day to day basis, I prep and plan to stay organised so I know what priorities to put first.

2. What did you think of the training?

Hayley– The training I received was good and I still receive ongoing training after my original training.

Matthew– The training was very helpful to me as I have had no experience in Recruitment before. Without the training and the opportunity of the Trainee Academy I would not have made the progress I have.

Jenel– Very informative, detailed and helpful.

3.What has been your most memorable moment since joining TFS Healthcare?

Hayley– My most memorable moment was when I moved seats next to Connor, it was a whole new world!!

Matthew– Clearing my first nurse has been the best moment so far and also beating our CEO, Andrew Yetzes at lunchtime Table Tennis.

Jenel– Team night on bank holiday.

4.What three words would you use to describe TFS Healthcare?

Hayley– Fun, hardworking and supportive.

Matthew– Fun, welcoming and motivational.

Jenel– Learning opportunities, teamwork and energetic.

5. What do you enjoy most about the working environment at TFS Healthcare?

Hayley- I enjoy the environment at TFS as it is easy going, everyone is friendly, supportive and there is always someone that is around to help when you need it.

Matthew- The working environment is very chilled but also very hard working and driven. We are all able to have a laugh but work always comes first. It is an atmosphere that I love to work in.

Jenel- The motivation and opportunities the company itself gives you to achieve to be the best at what you do.

6. If you could give one recommendation for lunch, what would it be?

Hayley- Paps= Chinese Food

Matthew- Chicken and Rice!!!

Jenel- Very hard decision, either Box 2 at Borough Market or Paps Chinese.


If you want to be part of our next TFS Trainee Academy which starts at the beginning of June, then get in touch with Lauren Bryant at or on 02079408236 for more information about the opportunity to join.

Q&A with TFS Trainee Academy