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Tips for Sleeping in the Summer Heatwave

It’s official, the heatwave is here! But with that, comes the hot, sleepless nights. So, here are a few tips to help you stay cool and have a better nights sleep.

Have a cool shower just before you go to bed
This will reduce your body temperature meaning you’ll feel cooler as you settle into bed. You can also run your wrists under a cold tap for a few seconds to cool your blood circulation instantly.

Avoid a big meal before bed
If you eat a heavy dish late at night, your body is more likely to stay awake longer as it tries to process it.

Keep your curtains closed during the day
Try to let as little sunlight as possible into your room to ensure it is cool when you go to bed.

Sleep in cold wet socks or a damp t-shirt
This will keep you refreshed as your drift off.

Avoid exercising just before bedtime
If you want to exercise, try doing it in the morning, or make sure you leave enough time for your body to cool down again before bed.

Remove winter bedding
Instead opt for lightweight, cotton blankets or sleep with just a sheet over you.

Fill a hot water bottle with ice water
Place it on cooling points of your body such as the wrists or neck.

Try sleeping downstairs
Hot air rises so it’s likely that a downstairs room will be a much cooler alternative to the bedroom.