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The Grand Silent Auction



The Grand Silent Auction is a group set up to support volunteers who are Sewing Scrubs for the NHS.

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are facing a time of great uncertainty. People are eager to help our NHS. A small army of individuals are poised and ready to sew.

Claire Tuck and Lisa Tyrer started this amazing project. They set up a fundraising platform to cover the costs of posting out fabric, and also, to purchase any additional fabric that may be required.

You can donate via the Sewing Scrubs for the NHS gofundme page which has already raised £9,767!

The group are also running a grand silent auction with over 100 slots available.

Any excess money left over at the close of this project, will be donated to UK Hospices, many of which rely heavily on donations and fundraising, to stay afloat.

TFS Healthcare wants to help raise awareness for this amazing group. We have donated £250.00. If you would like to join the Grand Silent Auction group to raise awareness or to get involved, please email: