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Tip of the week- 5 tips for student nurses

This week, TFS have provided 5 top tips for student nurses.

  1. Make sure you ask lots of questions, you oversee your learning whilst studying at university so ensure that you are asking as many questions as possible and taking control of your learning. If you find that you need help, make sure that you ask for help or seek advice.
  2. Ensure you are keeping track of your time. University can be challenging, especially when studying a nursing degree, you will need to balance a variety of tasks so ensure that time is on your side and you plan things.
  3. Attend all lectures, you may become stressed that you aren’t doing as well as others at university. To ensure that you are getting the most out of your course, attend all lectures and go to any extra classes that are put on- this will only benefit you in the future.
  4. Get to know your classmates, learning from others will expand your knowledge and outlook on the role of a nurse. Finding different ways of learning and gathering new information will help you succeed whilst being a student nurse.
  5. Read everything, whilst studying a nursing degree- you cannot read enough. Don’t look at reading as a chore, make it fun. By making it fun, you will absorb more information.

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