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Tip of the Week- How to cope with tiredness

As a healthcare professional, you are responsible for looking after others. You must be on your best form to ensure that you are providing the best care to your patients. TFS have put together some tips to help you cope with the battle of tiredness.

  1. Our first tip of coping with tiredness is to avoid alcohol and caffeine. As much as a cup of coffee is your first thought to wake you up in the morning and to keep you running throughout the day. Try to avoid this as it will keep you up at night and you will further struggle to get a good nights sleep.
  2. Stay hydrated, tiredness makes everything seem impossible. Ensuring that you drink lots of water throughout the day will make you feel fresh and it will slowly release energy rather than giving you a quick boost.
  3. Start your day off the right way- get a breath of fresh air by taking a walk as soon as you wake up, this will give your body a light boost to reduce the tiredness you are feeling that morning.
  4. As a healthcare professional we know that your shifts change from week to week. When you receive your shifts for the week, try and prepare a routine for yourself to ensure that you are getting the same amount of sleep each day. This will get your body into a physical and mental state ready for the day/night ahead.
  5. As easy as it is for us to say, try and get an early night. The more sleep you get, the less tired you will be the following day. Having more energy will improve the care you are providing your patients.