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Tip of the week – How to keep fit

Today, 26 September 2018, is #nationalfitnessday, we are going to provide 5 tips to ensure that you are keeping fit throughout the year.

  • Start walking, cycling or jogging. Instead of driving or getting the bus, why don’t you walk the route? If it isn’t possible to walk the whole distance, then get off the bus a few stops earlier or park a distance away to ensure that you get some more exercise done.
  • Maintain a balanced diet, it’s OK to have a cheat day where you don’t eat the healthiest food. As a healthcare professional we know that it is easy to go for unhealthy snack options during your shift. Instead – try and pick a piece of fruit as a snack to eat during the day.
  • Stick to a plan and reward yourself. You are the only individual who can control yourself and maintain willpower to make yourself happy. Reward yourself with something that will make you happy and encourage you to keep to your plan.
  • Finding motivation will ensure that you keep fit throughout your day and life. Motivate yourself by thinking positively and remembering the positive feelings you feel after you have worked out or chosen a healthier option in life.
  • ‘It’s a marathon, not a race’. You won’t see results in a day, you need to pursue the exercise to see results. Don’t expect anything in a day.

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