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Tip of the Week- How to keep the workplace cool

The heatwave is still here, and this week is set to include the hottest day in a decade! Unless you are fortunate enough to have the week off, tackling the heat at work can be a struggle.

So, therefore TFS have come up with some tips to help you manage yourself in the heat. Being a healthcare professional, you are working inside all day apart from your lunch and breaks in between. TFS have prepared some tips for you all to ensure that you are able to keep your workplace cool.

  1. Purchase a fan, it will be your new best friend. Whether you are sat at a desk or on your feet, purchasing a hand-held fan will do the job of keeping you cool.
  2. Keep cool, try not to put too much pressure on yourself during your shift as stress will increase your body temperature. Remain calm and any stress you may find yourself in, ask for help and resolve it in the best possible way. Keeping calm is keeping cool.
  3. Ensure that all windows are open, a constant airflow will overall decrease the heat within your workplace. Having windows open always will keep a regular flow of cold air into the area you are working in- resulting in a cooler environment.
  4. Uniform- we know it’s compulsory in your role as a healthcare professional to wear a uniform, but if there is any way to potentially make your dress code cooler then take advantage! Wear loose fitting clothing (cotton is the best material to keep cool).
  5. Finally, stay hydrated. You should always be drinking at least 2 litres of water a day but in this heat that should be increased to ensure that you stay hydrated and avoid feeling dizzy or faint.

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