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Tip of the Week- How to sleep in the heat

If you are in the UK right now, you will be enjoying the weather as much as we are. However, when it comes to getting some sleep, this weather isn’t so enjoyable. So, as always TFS are here to give you some tips!

  1. Pick loose clothing, we all love going to bed in pyjamas and snug clothes but in this heat… no thank you. Pick a loose fitting set or top to sleep in to ensure that you keep cool.
  2. Disconnect all electrics at night. Gadgets and other small appliances give out heat even when they are turned off.  Pull all plugs out of sockets when the appliances aren’t in use to reduce all the heat in the house.
  3. Keep your room cool, make sure curtains and blinds are closed if you get the sun during the late afternoon or evening. Tip: if you place a bowl of ice in front of a fan, it will circulate a cool mist around your room.
  4. Eat smaller portions, regular but small meals on a hot day encourages and helps the body to digest food more efficiently. Warm evenings also lead to increased sweating so ensure that you are drinking plenty throughout the day and have a glass of water before bed to ensure that you stay hydrated.
  5. Have a tepid shower or bath before bed. As tempting as a cold shower sounds after a long sweaty day at work- don’t do it! Having a cold shower will have a rebound effect and will cause your body temperature to rise.
  6. Replace heavy bedding with a lighter option, ditch your winter duvet and replace it with a light sheet to sleep with instead.
  7. Avoid alcohol and caffeine before bed. Both keep you energised and active which will in turn make you less sleepy and therefore you will find it harder to sleep. Have a glass of water instead to cool you down and keep you hydrated during the night.
  8. Fill a hot water bottle with iced water and take to bed with you.

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