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Tip of the Week- How to stay organised

Organisation is something everyone needs to implement into their daily routines. However, it can be hard when you have a lot to do. We have created a few tips that will help you stay organised.

  1. Do one thing at a time, create a to do list and take time ensuring that all tasks are completed. Do one thing at a time to ensure that you don’t confuse yourself or mix up the tasks you have either set yourself or what has been provided.
  2. Put things back in their place, it is so easy to misplace something at work with numerous of patients and jobs on your mind. Make sure that you are putting back equipment and materials you have used in the correct places to ensure you don’t struggle to find them in the future.
  3. Find a method that suits you, if you have several tasks to complete. Make a list and colour code them regarding their importance. You will remain organised with your day to day routine and you will also know yourself that everything is being completed.
  4. Be prepared for the next day, after a long day at work you will want to go straight to bed. If you have a shift the next morning make sure that you have set out everything you need for the following day.
  5. Have realistic expectations for the level of organisation you can maintain- it’s common that people want to be organised to ensure that they have the most productive day possible. However, setting unrealistic goals will only make you feel less organised.
  6. Always work alongside your work flow, as a healthcare professional your work is very demanding. Balancing your work and organisation can be hard but ensuring the two revolve round each other will make it easier.

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