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Tip of the week- How to survive the first year as a nurse

Tackling the first year as a nurse will never be easy, it’s a brand-new environment with new people. Here at TFS Healthcare we understand the struggle and how daunting the first year can be so we have gathered some tips to help you survive the first year of as a nurse.

  1. Ask for advice, the first year will be hard, there’s no doubt about that. However, there will always be colleagues around to guide and help you through. Always seek advice if you are struggling or need a helping hand. Nobody is going to judge you if you are struggling, everyone has been in the same position as you at one point.
  2. Make sure you ask questions, if you are not understanding something during the first year of work- make sure that you are asking questions. As a nurse you need to be confident with all the tasks that you are performing.
  3. Set lists, to keep yourself organised and on track make sure that you plan your days. Days may differ from one to the next but always set a list of tasks that you need to complete to ensure that you stay focused and don’t confuse yourself with other work.
  4. Engage and learn with others, other individuals may have other ways of doing things and learning. Take advantage of this as it may be beneficial to yourself, nobody will learn or work in the same way, so you need to ensure that you find the best way for yourself.
  5. Finally, enjoy yourself! The first year will be turbulent, there will be ups and downs but enjoy every moment and always see the positives in all situations.

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