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Tip of the Week – How to take care of your mental health

This week we are talking about how to take care of your mental health. Have a read below for some tips:

  • Exchange negative thoughts to positive thoughts. Experiencing negative thoughts is part of life but try to counteract the negative with the positive. This will considerably improve your mental health and will encourage you to be more proactive.
  • Vent and make sure that you get out your frustration out as soon as it occurs. Don’t store emotions.
  • You may not want to vent to other people – therefore you can keep a journal to write down all your emotions. You don’t have to take long out of your day, just jot a few thoughts and feelings down.
  • Make sure that you have a group of people around you that you know will always be there to support you when you are having a bad day.
  • Find a coping mechanism – if you are having a bad day find a way to make yourself feel better. Whether that is going out for walk to clear your head, taking a relaxing bath or simply a phone call with a loved one or a friend.

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